Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A New Year's Gift for YOU from Sir Richard Wentworth!

Howdy, all!

(Please read on for a special New Year's gift I recorded JUST FOR YOU!)

Whew... 2012 was a busy year! Much of it was spent laying down groundwork for a bunch of new projects --some of which we'll see very soon -- so I've been relatively quiet, output-wise. That will all change as my first project comes to fruition:

The Unlivin' Dead project (a duo collaboration with Kev MannDude) is going full steam ahead, and we're aiming to start playing shows early this year -- so watch for us. Here's a link to our first 'EP', a bit of a 'shot across the bow' to introduce us. It's a mix of demos and more finished work, and you can preview (or purchase) it here:

Also in 2012 I released an album of music I composed for Michael McQuilkin's film "Bystander". It's some of my 'dreamiest' work, and I'm very proud of it. Please listen to it -- I hope you enjoy!

And lastly... I recorded this special New Year's Gift for YOU! Finished it on the 12th chime of midnight (well, maybe 1:04)... It's a cover of a Leonard Nimoy track from 1968, and I hope you dig it!

Stay tuned in 2013 for lots more music and sounds, kids! Wish you all the best! -R