Friday, October 16, 2009

Music from the Archives - Handfull O' Bald Guys "TJS-510"

I've started wandering through the "archives", such as they are, and trying to get all of my past musical junk in order. So, I'll be posting music from my early days of singin' and strummin'. Hopefully this will be of interest to some -- please let me know!

This first installment is a song that was an early staple of my first band, Handfull O' Bald Guys. HFOBG was initially composed of myself, Carolyn Klumpp (drums), Kevin McQuilkin (bass) and Mike McQuilkin (synthesizer). We started the band in 1992, and played some gigs at the Billerica club Edible Rex before breaking up and reforming with the lineup that produced the following song.

The lineup on this track includes myself (vocals, guitar), Jon Dyer (guitar), Carolyn Klumpp (drums) and Bob Wilson (bass).

TJS-510 was recorded in 1992 in Wilmington MA, by the fella who did sound for Edible Rex. He had a little studio called Kashmir where we recorded 5 tracks. I'll post the other ones if there's any interest in hearing them.

The session was lots of fun, we were all very young, and I was hepped up on No-Doz for some reason. Listening to this music makes me feel weird, like I'm looking at my baby pictures. Hope that you enjoy it.


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